…I carried my own ashes to the mountains;

I invented a brighter flame for myself…

Nietzsche; Thus Spoke Zarathustra

From desperate lands Overlords reign

to proud smiles that only despise

From withered dreams of dusty bones               

festering nostalgia in wailing moans                               

I have carried my ashes

to the opulence of the cities, green vales

that never mourned

sorrows of the deeds past

I have carried my ashes

to devouring shores of salty seas

auguring vacant hopes

wanting valor, courageous feats

I tote in my palm

honey dyed deserts

black oil sullied

Greenback trolled

history never told

Exiled in trail of tears

shadows of the night

stirred my ashes into fire

wilted eyes cannot heave

carving anew

figures that will never bow, never leave

To the happy many

terrified of the shadows twilight swallows

perdition is the cry I decree

wrought from the ruins of a smile that was me

adrift in time, seeking Acquaintance and the See

Punish me as an arsonist

as I foresee

fleeting flicker of a light

pointing to the calamity

soon to be.

Behrooz Ghorbanian

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