Oh, bitter irony

Oh, bitter irony

Reading Lolita in Tehran,

Watching Zone of Interest in Palestine,

Riding Underground Railroad,

Flooding underground tunnels,

Children’s graveyards in Canada,

Gaza without Palestinians,

Germany without Jews,

A world without natives,

Observing Netanyahu’s America

Germany’s guilty conscience

Relishing power’s ability to annihilate,   

2.1 million in Schindler’s to-do list,

Evangelicals’ suicidal prayers,

Defending life until it is born,

Loving History in abstract,

Waiting for Messiah’s final solution,

Wall Street’s tribal humanity,

Booking profits of occupation,

Gaza’s dead exceeding

Powell’s %2 Inflation target,

A horror of memory

Blighting the heart of a nation,

Greater Israel is here                                                                                                                                                                                I asked a mutilated baby.

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