Knees are to kneel

in front of your God, if you are a believer

confessing to a sacred grave

in someone’s heart you casually desecrated

Knees are to kneel,

meekly if you are a believer

conning God for mercey

by all means necessary

…bidding him for a fortitude in your character

so you won’t defile the golden rule so easily

…begging him to bear your dirty secrets

for all eternity

Knees are to kneel,

in the wild, if you are not a believer

thanking the Chance for the life

otherwise well lived, before taking those pills you’ve saved

Knees are to kneel,

when a child really really wants to ride the horsey

Knees are to kneel,

when asking someone to marry you

with a forced certainty in your voice

Or when celebrating the Festivus

with a big smile in your heart

Knee are to kneel,

in your friends’ despairing absence

rueful of your betrayal

to no avail

Knees are to kneel, tearfully

listening to Mozart’s Requiem

or, joyously accepting Gabriel Garcia Marquez

accolate you forever as Don Quixote of Macondo

Knees are to kneel,

saying goodbye to your dog on his deathbed

who is only worried about the sadness

pinned to the memories in your eyes

Knees are not to kneel on people’s necks

to murder them.

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